Humans I Trust

Human Connection - Celebration - Personal Growth ❤️
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Humans I Trust

Human Connection - Celebration - Personal Growth ❤️ 


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In this time it is more important than ever that we take care of our financial freedom and sovereignty. In this Masterclass Virginia will show you how to setup a wallet, talk about different coins and how to keep your energy levelled when all you want to do is sell. 

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Welcome Beloved Soul!

Hello and Welcome to Humans I Trust! This is a playground for your higher self to come and delight in celebration and joy. We are a global community of Artists, Influencers and Entrepreneurs uniting to spread peace and abundance on this planet. 

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I went to Humans I Trust LA, and I would have to say, THE most powerful day of my life to this point, and I don’t say that lightly as I am on a constant pursuit of development. I have had a week of dreams and synchronicities before I came to the event that was bringing awareness to what I was looking to receive during the workshop, and I received just that. I honestly had no idea what to expect walking in but I receive what I needed. So thank you for creating such an amazing movement. I truly feel so blessed and grateful to be part of it.


Jonathan Dugan

Founder of a Heros Academy

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We have curated over 15 events all over the world in Bali, United Kingdom, Mexico and Costa Rica. We pride ourselves in curating the dopest, transformative high-end experiences you've ever been to. 

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