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Noah's Ark

You are invited...

We've been throwing incredible business and connection events for years but, this year, we've had to stop doing the one thing we love most:
Bringing people together
Noah's Ark is a high-end invite only private mastermind for entrepreneurs and creatives coming to play and share genuine human connection.

We'd love to see you there


Ancient Wisdom for Futuristic Thinkers

Learn to expand and grow from industry leading professionals

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Human Superpowers

We believe all humans are born with superpowers, this means your own ability to transform and shape the energy around you.

Love and Connection

Love is an energy that connects us all. We believe love is the solution for the issues we are facing as a collective.

Restoring our Earth

Considerable amounts of I Trust You resources are donated to the best organisations around the world, who are dedicated to saving our ecosystems & environment. 





Hanalei & Rhonda Swan

Hanalei is a 12 year old fashion designer, artist, author, international speaker & founder of “Unstoppable Kids”

Dr Marie Mbouni

Medical Doctor & Entheogen Shaman,  Marie offers her wisdom & guidance offering transformational journeys for evolutionary leaders.


Jonathan Barry

Author, Speaker & metaphysician on a mission. Jonathan is a co-founder of the Mind Lab Institute, an organization that helps people transform their minds and body.

Colleen Gallagher

International speaker, author, educator, social media guide, retreat facilitator & entrepreneur passionate about empowering people to gain clarity on their purpose.

Shyrlena Bogard

Obstetrician & Gynecologist now turned relationship and intimacy expert. Shyrlena spends her inspiring thousands in loving themselves and others more deeply. 

Tyler Mongan

Brain surfer, futurist, global speaker & currently getting a Ph.D. in Quantum Medicine. His mission is to Optimize Human Potential For A Frictionless Future. 

Matt Gil

Coach & trainer for companies such as Disney, Six Flags, Red Robin. Matt, has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people world-wide.

Virginia Salas Kastilio

Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Activist
Inc. Magazine named 1 one 26 Women to Change the World.

Founder of I Trust University.

What the Shirt is I Trust You?

The movement bringing people closer together - one hug at a time.
Anyone you see wearing 'I Trust You' merch is an I Trust You Ambassador.
Our ambassadors have been carefully chosen to spread joy and raise humanity's frequency.
When you see someone wearing an I TRUST YOU shirt - you can give them a hug!
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"I Trust University is changing and upgrading the education arena. With modern courses and topics focused on self-connection and creativity, they are paving the road for the teaching and learning of the future - and education is only one pillar of focus. Their overall vision of certifying brands that are aligned with the betterment of world, providing complete transparency for consumers, is something our society desperately needs."

Jeff Hoffman
Founder of Priceline and Co-Founder

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