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7 Reasons Why You Won’t Start Traveling the World and Live Your Best Life.

travel Jan 08, 2020

1. You believe that some day magically an increased money number will appear in your bank account that’s going to make it all better and empower you to start traveling (news flash if you already have basically survival needs of a roof over your head, your reading this message, water and access to food - research shows $10,000 won’t make a difference in your overall happiness) you’ll always find things that you “need” to spend money on instead of putting that money towards your dreams. 

2. You think the world is full of crime and everyone is awful. News flash the world is far safer than you think. The only hurtful, harmful and hard things going on in the world are created in your mind. I’ve been welcomed to nearly 40 countries traveling alone most of the time and I’ve never had anything but blissful and amazing experiences. Even the times that seemed challenging turned into a beautiful lesson. For example having cancer at age 14 and all these boys calling me ugly and asking me if I tried to kill myself. Seemed like school was the most unsafe thing to go to, because I’d be made fun of, yet reality is those things weren’t true that boys were saying and I got to choose to believe my scar was beautiful anyway. ⁣

3. You get so caught up in how everything’s going to work out so you just do nothing. STOP THINKING, have faith, trust and go do the damn adventure. If you know your meant to help people, you know that you desire to travel, you know that your life is meant to be happier and greater START TAKING FREAKING ACTION TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Google how to quit my corporate job, how to create a company, how to find cheap airfare, how to find accommodation for cheap. GET CREATIVE and start asking yourself better questions instead of just sitting there and accepting your life the way it is. (I literally have moved to so many places I never even set foot there before I moved there, and guess what I figured it out because I was more committed to traveling, meeting people, and growing my knowledge on how the world works).

4. You are letting your feelings of anxiety, loneliness, fear and whatever else stop you from seeing that traveling will change your life. Traveling is an experience that cannot be replaced. It literally allows you to create a romance with yourself and life. Traveling isn’t scary, it’s not expensive, it’s not challenging, it’s literally as simple as brushing your teeth - if you choose this of course. From traveling all over the world the thing I know to be true is the happiest people in the world have traveled, they love people, they love learning culture, they love new experiences, they love being open to things that they never knew existed. The reason your stuck is because you accepted that it was okay to not evolve, you accepted the feelings of normality and conformity. Build the freaking courage and go travel to a city 15 minutes away from you for a night, go try the new coffee shop, shoot just talk to a new person at your normal coffee shop. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT to travel outside your own self created negative feelings that are causing you to suffer.

5. You are seeing traveling as an expense instead of an investment. You know I went over $100k in debt investing in personal development, traveling and other silly things. & MAN am I so grateful for it because paying that debt off felt like the best investment of my life. Because the experiences, the people and the things I learned about this life at age 26 will be with me forever. Once you start to realize money is just made up and you can create it or lose it at every moment your mind shifts because life isn’t about the money it’s about you investing in what can create happiness and longevity for yourself and the people around you.

6. You stopped dreaming of a life you can have right now. I wouldn’t recommend tomorrow to quit your job with no savings, no plan and just travel. Yet I would recommend tomorrow to sit down look at your finances, see where you can start saving more money, create a 90 day plan of how you can start implementing travel into your life using money you were wasting on expenses to now using it as an investment. Allow yourself to start asking better questions of creative ways to make your dreams come true instead of doing nothing.

7. You’ve accepted that it’s okay to conform to society instead of being true to you. One thing I know to be true as humans we are designed for connection, adventure, and creating deep loving relationships. However at some point you’ve conformed and stopped being who your meant to be. You gave up hope, you gave up faith, and you stopped communicating what it is you really want from the world and others around you. So today I know it can seem so challenging yet just speak one thing that you truly and deeply desire from one person or something in life. You can just speak it out loud to yourself so God can hear you or speak it to a friend or even post it on social media and tag me. Just please stop conforming and let yourself be free.

My wish, my hope and my prayer for every single person who reads this is that you see a life where you can travel the world is yours for the taking. Freedom to be who you truly are exist in this moment, just dissolve your own suffering you’ve created in your mind from society programming. Explore this beautiful world and every person that is offers to you. & have a deep sense of knowing and trust that when you follow your heart, your investing in yourself and trust that the money to support you will always appear in ways you cannot even imagine.

(I remember I was so stressed about $100 one time for a credit card bill and I had no idea where it was going come from; but I kept praying and asking and what do you know I went for a walk $100 was laying on the ground under a bench with no one around)

This is exactly why I travel the world.
This are the exact 7 things I’ve changed in my life to live my best life.
& you can do this too - it’s just you making the choice that you will only accept being who you truly are to this world.



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