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Our Most Important Success Is Our Relationship To Ourselves


What I've come to understand after traveling all over the world and becoming friends with some of the most influential people of our current age is that it doesn't matter what level of success that we reach. It doesn't matter how much money we have in our accounts or how many businesses we build. In the end, our biggest success point and our biggest measure of growth and happiness is who we are inside of what we're feeling, our relationship to ourselves.

That's a big one. It's a big realization to have because what we're taught in this ladder ... And it's interesting because our lives are totally planned for us. From the moment you are born to the moment you are 25, 30 years old, we've already scripted everything that you need to do in society. You go to kindergarten, and then you go to school, and then you go to high school and you go to a university and you get married. And then maybe you do a doctorate degree.

You have this whole timeline set out for you. We say, "Okay, we want to be good people. We want to be good humans. We're going to go down this ladder and we're going to play this timeline." Then you finish high school and you're like, "Okay. Well, I feel like there should be more. Let me try a university." Then you finish university and you're like, "Well, I feel like there should be more. I must be missing something. Maybe I went to the wrong university. Maybe I didn't pay enough money. Maybe I didn't have enough friends."

You keep on chasing and chasing and chasing that thing, and you're exhausting yourself because you just can't find the answer. But the answer was just you the entire time. It's just that you are. You just exist. You get to live. You get to be here. We talk so much about self-love. Love yourself. Just love yourself, finally. Just look at yourself in the mirror and just see how amazing you are, and that'll solve all your questions.

You're just like, "Yeah, but how do I do that when all of society has taught me that I need to keep rolling, that I need to keep on moving in order to get somewhere, to finally be able to look in the mirror and be proud because now I'm a millionaire? Now I'm a CEO and I have all these things. Why am I not happy?" You can understand how there's something just so fundamentally wrong with this system that we created with this ladder of education.

I believe that it is outdated because we, as humans, we are constantly evolving. We are some of the most ingenious race that are creating skyscrapers and planes, and we're flying to the moon. It's just like, really? And we have this outdated education system from 100 years ago where we are being taught to learn in factory lines and just to do this one little task? That's why I Trust University is reforming education, and we're not the only ones. There are other beautiful organizations out there that are saying, "I think we can do better. I think we can go at this again."

What I've learned from being friends with billionaires and CEOs and artists and influencers is that, actually, what truly made them successful ... And not only from a financial point of view and a success point of view but from a place in their hearts where they can look at themselves and say, "Wow, I did this. I feel good about this. I'm having an impact in the world." It's all led through personal growth, through them putting themselves through different challenges and being like, "Whoa, this makes me feel really uncomfortable. Let me just push myself. Let me just go again. Let me just try again. Let me fail. Let me be in misery and in pain," because we spend so much time trying to avoid that pain, trying not to look at the places, at the woundings in our lives of things that have happened in your childhood, in high school when people were making fun of you.

We don't want to look at that because we're cool now and we're over that, and that's not us. That wasn't ever us. So, instead of just being like, "Yeah, I was wounded because I was loving with an open heart, and other people in my life and other people in the world around, they were coming from a place of fear. That's why they thought the only thing that they could do was to hurt me. But I actually was always right in loving because that is the most essential form of our being, of giving, of being out there."

What you're going to learn when you're in our university is actually that the more that you give and the more that you open yourself and the more that you allow yourself to be vulnerable, the more happier you are, the more successful, the more money you have, the more friends you have, because you suddenly become magnetic because everyone that meets you in your life, they want to be around you because you're exciting and you're free and you're loving. Isn't that so much more fun than holding on to what you have, being scared that anyone will see you without makeup or to, God forbid, look stupid or say something wrong?

So we are completely redefining education. And I totally don't believe in this timeline that we've created of years and years and years, when you can go on YouTube and learn how to play the piano in a week. Let's look at those timelines. Let's accelerate. Let's really listen to what we're capable of as humans and play with that a little bit. So, all our courses, we're looking at a month to three months, maybe a year for a deep intensive, but you're not going to be in here for 10 years trying to get a doctorate degree. It's something that you're probably already a master at anyways.

What we're doing is we're giving you permission to be even greater, to play even more and explore from all of your different capabilities as a human beings, from your sensuality, from your breath, and from the abilities that you have, because we believe that we are actually superhumans, that we have supernatural abilities. We believe in magic. We believe in force and energy and so much more than you are playing with right now because ... And I bet you're already tapping into that.

Aren't there things that happen to you in your life and you're just like, "How the hell did this just happen? How did this person just happen to be at this bus stop as I walked there, and they dropped their pen and I picked it up and I looked at it and I saw the name of my company? And I couldn't believe it. And we got into a conversation and suddenly I closed a million-dollar deal. How did that happen?"

There are these synchronicities, and there's this flow that you can get into when you're only really listening, when you're actually looking at the world around you and you're not looking at your phone, and you're actually tuning out of all the signals and the messages that are being brought to you. We believe that you have supernatural abilities, and we want to help you expand those and actually become this total force that creates change in the world because if you look at these people like Steve Jobs, you're like, "This guy isn't human. There's something else," because he's pushing himself. He's just like, "No, he can do greater," and, "We can do this, and we can reform."

We want to create here a space for those humans that are saying to themselves, "What else can we do? How can we do this better? How can we change the planet? How can we actually create a regenerative Earth, not one that we're taking and taking and taking and depleting the resources?

"Well, we must find a new fuel of energy, and let's find a new thing that we can drill and take," instead of being like, "Well, what would it actually be if every time, we clean up after ourselves and created something that was actually more, and any time that I took this oxygen from the planet, that I planted another tree?"

Did you know that you have to plant four trees in your life in order not to breathe someone else's oxygen? This was a huge wake-up call for me because only two months ago I planted my first tree. I'm nearly 30 years old, and I've only planted my first tree. We must get going. We have some trees that we need to plant. This is important. I believe that before we plant the trees and before we make all these changes and clean up the rivers, we have to clean up ourselves and we have to start really seeing ourselves and loving ourselves because you can't give from an empty cup.

If people are in a sense of lack if you are wondering, "How am I going to pay my rent next month? How am I going to put food on the table for my kids?" then you're not going to be able to create extraordinary brilliance and think of how you're going to build the next apple when you're just in scarcity mode. What I want to do is I want to help you to actually find yourself, find that power in yourself, find that ability to create anything that you can ever dream of financially, in your love life, with your relationships. It doesn't matter. It's all there for you. It's all ready for you.

This is what we train you in, and to first becoming your true, unapologetic, powerful and beautiful self. And then, from there, we're going to create other things where we start changing this planet and we start giving back and regenerating and finding the best and powerful resources that we can fuel our beautiful laptops with and our houses so that we can have clean energy as well as food and water and all these other beautiful things.

Welcome to I Trust University.

Let's change the world together.

I love you. I see you. I trust you.

~Virginia Salas Kastilo



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