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What is composting? An I Trust You Brand Vlog


Hi. My name is Ann Paxton, and I'm one of the co-founders of AeromatiCo.

Today I want to talk to you about composting. Lots of people ask me, "What is composting?"

Composting is the simple practice of diverting your organics from the landfill. That means food waste or your yard clippings, rather than sending them with the garbage to a landfill, you're actually capturing them and either taking them to a municipal composter or composting them in your backyard.

Composting is a really important activity, especially if you're a gardener.

So gardeners know that the best way to have healthy plants is to have healthy soil. And one of the only ways to improve the health of your soil is to add the nutrients. The best way to do that is through composting, because composting is the decomposition of the plant materials that originally grew in that soil.

Ann Paxton:
So when plants grow, they suck the nutrients from the soil. And then we may take them away. So for example, when you go to the store and you buy celery, that has lots of nutrients in it. You eat some of it, but some of it you may not. And so for all of us who are generating food waste in our kitchens every day, we can take a part in returning those nutrients back to nature, rather than sending them off to the landfill.

The other reason that composting is so important? It is one of the top 100 ways that we can personally reverse global climate change. In fact, in the US, if we're able to increase the number of households that compost from 37% where it stands today to closer to 60%, by 2050 it has been estimated that we could remove 2.3 gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Those statistics are amazing, and I'm really worried about climate change. And that's one of the reasons that my husband and I started AeromatiCo.

You see, I didn't really know anything about composting years ago, and when I started dating my husband, he introduced me. And it was after I did the research and I started to learn how detrimental throwing away our garbage was that I became aware of the need to compost.

You see, when organic waste enters the landfill, it is decomposed in an anaerobic way. That produces methane gas. Methane gas is 25 times more toxic than carbon dioxide.

And so I wanted to compost, but composting can be really difficult. You see, traditional piles, you typically either need to dig a hole or have some type of a receptacle, you need to make sure that you're mixing your browns to your greens, you have enough moisture, enough oxygen, or you can have a problem. And that can include pests like cockroaches or rodents, even snakes in some locations. Or it can smell bad because rotting waste smells like rotting waste.

For me, I really needed a better solution. We had tried tumblers, traditional piles, and even a worm composting bin, but my problem with my worm bin, as much as I love those little worms, was that the soldier flies took up residence and before I knew it, I had the larvae, the maggots, all though.

Composting can be really complex. So my husband got to work and he invented the world's first liquid composter.

So why did we do this? Why have we brought this product to market?

You see, one day I was sitting on my back porch. We had invited a couple over for dinner, and they wondered what was happening with that bubbling sound in my backyard. Well, it was our aerobic compost bin, the AeromatiCo, that was creating the liquid compost.

And when we showed them what that was, they got so excited and asked for one, and asked us, "Well have you ever thought about making these?"

That led us on a search where we were absolutely astounded to realize that no one had ever done what we were doing before. And so for the last two years, we've spent the better part of our time refining the design and creating the AeromatiCo, to make composting clean and simple for everyone.

Anyone can compost. In fact, everyone can compost. Municipalities sometimes offer composting pickup, usually on a weekly basis. There are other smaller community composters that allow residents to drop off their waste. Or you can do it in your own backyard. And you can follow any of the traditional methods that I had mentioned. Or of course, now we're pleased to offer the AeromatiCo.

And AeromatiCo, like I said, is a simple solution. It's fully automatic. You simply fill the bin with water and plug it in. And so that composter will aerobically decompose all your food waste.

You see, I happen to have quite a bit of food waste. We typically put about five gallons in each of our compost machines on a weekly basis. So I'm pretty much going to max out my unit today. I just got back from the farmers market, and recently having been introduced to the celery juice craze, I happen to have quite a bit of green material here. But all of this, I'll be able to dump directly into my AeromatiCo, and within weeks this will all completely decompose.

The other thing that is unique about the AeromatiCo system is that it' a continuous process compost bin. You can dump your waste in at any time, and you can also collect or harvest the liquid compost.

What is liquid compost? Liquid compost is a liquid fertilizer. It's a brown water with fine particles of soil, as well as microorganisms that are decomposing the food waste. And those microorganisms are the same microorganisms that make the soil healthy and allow the nutrients to be more bioavailable to the plants.

And so it's actually the perfect middle of the line fertilizer. It is how we make our organic fertilizer.

And so I hope this video has helped inspire you today. We're really passionate about composting. In fact, we're so passionate about the environment that even in how we designed our composter, we were very careful to ensure that we were taking a low impact manufacturing approach. We repurposed food grade 55-gallon barrel drums because we don't want to increase the carbon in the atmosphere, just to create a container that will suffice for our composting.

But regardless of whether or not you send your waste off to a community composter or you do it in your own back yard, we hope you'll all start because we can't wait any longer to stop climate change.

Ann Paxton CEO AeromatiCo

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